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There is an ever-growing need to bring people, institutions, and resources together to leverage technology adoption in education


SLATE has always looked at the big picture of learning and teaching with technology. What coalesced within its membership over the year's is thinking around supporting all students, all educators, and all learning. SLATE has steadily focused on the success of learning supported through technology, not if or when technology for learning will succeed. This optimism is a hallmark of the organization and one that its members, and participating institutions and organizations can be proud of. 

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P.O. Box 551 

Crete, IL  60417





Ken Sadowski

Founder & Executive Director


During his almost twenty years at the University of Chicago, Ken was entrusted with the launch, operation and support of Blackboard Learn. His leadership built significant trust among the faculty in the services offered and the support provided in technology adoption for teaching and learning. As part of that work, he founded SLATE; the largest, most dynamic and well regarded Blackboard/LMS user group to date. In addition, he established and has led the SLATE Conference, an annual gathering of technologists, administrators and educators from across the Midwest and around the world; with a growth in attendance each year. Over the years, he has advised both new and mature client groups around the country, both in an effort to strengthen the reputation of SLATE and to bolster the adoption and support of technology in education.


SLATE has now grown into a self-sustaining personal and professional development group, providing resources, training and collaboration activities for institutions, and their staff. Outreach activities include monthly meetings, cross-institutional collaboration and of course the annual Fall conference.

For additional information you can contact Ken directly at:

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