During the past sixteen years, SLATE has connected hundreds of institutions and thousands of people, providing networking, collaboration, and project opportunities to benefit them and the community of practice at-large. Wanting to make the most of these opportunities and looking to fill additional needs, SLATE is proud to partner with the following service providers. We are always looking for industry-leading technology and content solutions providers - and also - new and innovative start-ups that know they can make a difference given the chance.

These providers are willing to bring people and resources together to create an environment of engagement and transparent collaboration, to enhance the community engagement process while providing valuable insights into the community's values and priorities and at the same time educating the community on critical issues. This developing alliance between individuals, universities, and service providers is built on a foundation of paramount trust and understanding, which allows you, together, to facilitate relationships, cultivate ideas, and inspire innovation.

These are among the first, willing to create long-term engaged relationships with you, their customers, to drive shared success through collaboration, engaged development efforts, and influential communication - to not only sell products, but offer solutions and produce resource driven results.

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