During the past fifteen years, SLATE has connected hundreds of institutions and thousands of people, providing networking, collaboration, and project opportunities to benefit them and the community of practice at-large. Wanting to make the most of these opportunities and looking to fill additional needs, SLATE is proud to partner with ENCORE Solutions for Education - the driving force behind many successful collaborative groups, organizations, and start-up innovators in the academic technology space. 

ENCORE Solutions serves as a conduit to bring people and resources together to enhance the community engagement process while providing valuable insights into the community's values and priorities and at the same time educating the community on critical issues. This developing alliance between individuals, universities, and service providers is built on a foundation of paramount trust and understanding, which allows ENCORE Solutions to help you facilitate relationships, cultivate ideas, and inspire innovation. 

Simply stated, ENCORE Solutions for Education connects people and institutions with services and resources, while promoting brands, providing opportunities, and building communities to enhance the distinctive strengths, and needs of each partner - motivated to engage with the community through transparent collaboration.

To learn more about the services that ENCORE Solutions can provide, contact us directly. A list of our current partners is shown below. For additional information, visit our website.

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