star award

2013 Award Recipient

Stephanie Richter
Northern Illinois University

Past Award Recipients

2012 - Sarah Dysart & Terry Moy, Loyola University Chicago

2011 - Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
Northern Illinois University

2010 - Mike Sukowski, Concordia University Chicago

2009 - Floyd Saner, Goshen College

2008 - Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University 

2007 - Jack Corliss, Loyola University Chicago

2006 - Paul Heydenburg, Northeastern Illinois University

2005 - Carol Scheidenhelm, Northern Illinois University

2004 - Ken Sadowski, University of Chicago

SLATE Star Award Badge

The SLATE Star Award was established in 2004 as a way to recognize those who have shown leadership, demonstrated initiatives, presented new ideas, improved procedures, established effective relationships or provided substantial resources that have effected the success and promotion of SLATE, the educational experience, and/or the general Community of Practice and its members.

All nominators and nominees must be from an active SLATE member institution, or those recognized as active by the review committee. Multiple nominations may be submitted by the same individual but only one per form. Anyone may be nominated but a person may not nominate themselves.

Nomination Process
Nominations must be made and will only be accepted using the online submission form. All information is required. Award nominations must inlcude a supporting paragraph (50 - 100 words) and brief description of the work or other activities performed that prompted the nomination.

Award Presentation
The award is presented at the annual SLATE Conference held in October.