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University of Missouri - St. Louis

The University of Missouri-St. Louis is a land-grant research institution committed to meeting diverse needs for higher education and knowledge in the state's largest metropolitan community. It educates traditional and nontraditional students in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs so that they may provide leadership in the health professions; liberal and fine arts; science and technology; and metropolitan affairs such as business, education and public policy. University research advances knowledge in all areas, and through outreach and public service assists in solving problems, in particular, those of the St. Louis region and beyond. Academic programs are enriched through advanced technologies and partnerships that link the University of Missouri-St. Louis to communities, institutions and businesses regionally, nationally and internationally. Its special commitment to partnership provides UM-St. Louis with a leadership role among public educational and cultural institutions in improving the region's quality of life, while its unique relations with two- and four-year colleges and universities promote seamless educational opportunities.

Kyle Collins
phone: 314.516.6753



Institution Categrory: 4-year, graduate
Production LMS: Blackboard Learning System Enterprise License
Current Version: 7.3
Additional LMS Products: Blackboard Community System, BbOne
Other LMS's Deployed: None
ASP Hosted: No