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The history of the University of Chicago begins in 1890 and includes an oil magnate, retail giant, and 74 Nobel Prize winners. The University of Chicago is bigger than you may think. Besides the undergraduate College, the four graduate divisions, and the six professional schools, there are libraries, laboratories, museums, clinics, and other institutions; a school; a continuing-studies program; and an academic press. There are programs on the Hyde Park campus and programs around the world.

More than 2,100 full-time academic staff teach or conduct research at the University. There are a total of 16,830 enrolled students, including 3,996 in the undergraduate College. There are 375 non-degree students on the Quads, then there are 219 students enrolled at the Graduate School of Business campuses in Barcelona and Singapore.

Currently running the Blackboard Learn 9.1, over 1200 courses were delivered to over 12,000 students, both graduate and undergraduate across nearly all divisions and schools during each quarter of the past academic year. Named after the Web server that ran the pilot system in 1999, Chalk - as it is known on campus - started as a study of the expanding suite of Web-based tools for teaching and learning. Since then, the project has grown into a new service for UChicago faculty who want to take advantage of the latest integrated Web tools in their classes.

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