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SLATE Community Fellows Program

The SLATE Community Fellows Program can be an excellent form of support and serve as a valuable resource to the group. The SCF's are members at large who work with the group to play a key role in member and group development. SLATE Community Fellows work with other members of the group in a wide range of areas, from providing individuals with academic/technical support, to working with the Executive Director and members of the Board to help guide and develop issues that are important to the community at large. 

The appointment of an individual as a SLATE Community Fellow is to honor exceptional achievement and/or service within the professional domain of SLATE. The SLATE Community Fellows work together as peers in the service of the members of SLATE and the SLATE Board. SLATE Community Fellows will show a strong desire and enthusiasm for working with members at other institutions, and can provide guidance and mentorship to new members.  Ideal candidates are education or technology professionals, who are at a tippping-point in their careers – i.e. having achieved personal and professional success, they are ready to consider what broader leadership role they might take on in the SLATE Community. They should possess a proven track-record of individual achievement, as well as a demonstrated potential for even greater leadership. They should have a breadth of experience and a level of maturity that will enable them to contribute effectively to the SLATE Community; this includes an ability to listen to, learn from, and mentor their peers.