"To support learning and technology in education through communication, collaboration, and innovation  while developing and sustaining a community of practice".
The SLATE Mission

Established in the Spring of 2002, SLATE was created from the concept that all institutions that are deploying and/or currently using technology and Web-based components to enhance their teaching and learning activities, have the same questions, the same challenges, and the need for the same solutions. By drawing together the expertise of the people involved in the entire academic experience and those designing, supporting, and using these applications, a broader, more accessible, and dynamic support system could be established. The members of SLATE are not about the institutions, but rather about the people that represent their institutions at meetings, events, conferences, and the community of practice, at-large. It is their input and involvement in the group that is the key to the groups success and fulfillment of the groups mission and goals.

Recognizing that any community needs to adapt and change in order to continue to meet the needs of its members, SLATE has evolved into a very inclusive academic and professional development organization consisting of faculty, support staff, designers, vendor partnerships, and even students, using various LMS platforms, and a variety of teaching tools and applications. It continues to reach across boundaries to forge new and strengthen existing partnerships. Having a strong focus on community and networking between its members is what sets SLATE apart from other groups. SLATE is constantly working to bring people together and give our members more opportunities to get involved. 

SLATE has always looked at the big picture of learning and teaching with technology. What coalesced within its membership over the last fifteen years is thinking around supporting all students, all educators, and all learning. SLATE has steadily focused on the success of learning supported through technology, not if or when technology for learning will succeed. This optimism is a hallmark of the organization and one that its members, and participating institutions and organizations can be proud of. 


updated:   May 21, 2019



The 2019 SLATE Conference will take place on October 2-4, 2019. We will again host the conference at the Northern Illinois University Campus/Conference Center in Naperville, IL.

The SLATE Conference is one of the premier academic technology conferences in the Midwest, known for offering a wide variety of topics ranging from best practices and pedagogy, to innovative teaching resources and cutting edge technologies. So come join friends and colleagues along with - faculty, system administrators, user support staff, technology coordinators, librarians, CIO's, web administrators, and decision makers from all levels of educational institutions at this year's event.


Registration for the 2019 SLATE Conference continues through September 21, 2019. Register today to take advantage of the low standard registration rate. Full conference and single-day options are be available. Choose what is best for you. Credit card and purchase order payment options are also available.

Group registration of four or more, at the same time, from the same institution is also available. Contact the conference coordinator for additional information and details.


The Call for Presentations has ended. Contact the conference coordinator if you have any questions. 

This is the final week to submit your presentation proposal for the 2019 SLATE Conference, being held on October 2-4, 2019 at the Northern Illinois University Conference Center in Naperville, IL. Speakers are encouraged to submit proposals whose general focus is the use of technology in teaching and learning regardless of the platform or tools being used. Papers that extend beyond this framework will always be considered.

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Submission deadline: June 30, 2019


Defining Quality – More Than Technology
Darcy Hardy, PhD
Associate Vice President & Client Success Director

Online program directors have spent over two decades trying to define and implement quality, with the primary focus being course development processes and faculty preparation. But when we think about how quality can impact the overall success of online programming, we can’t stop there. What about the organizational structure and accreditation status? Who is responsible for quality measures and what are they? How do policies impact quality? This session will address quality across the entire program. Ultimately, quality and success are influenced by many factors well beyond the technology – this session will help you ensure your online program is on the positive side.



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