People are using the Internet to connect to information, but more importantly, to connect with people. And yet so many people seem totally confused and overwhelmed about the right way to connect through social media channels. As an active community, there are many ways to get connected and to stay up-to-date on what is happening in SLATE, in the community, and around the industry. Follow SLATE via any of the following online communication platforms and join in the conversation! Use tag "#slategroup" in any of your social media communications.

Here are a few ways to really connect with others through social media:
            • Focus. It is so easy to get sucked into the social media vortex, flitting from shiny object to tweet to update to post with a panicky feeling that if you don’t see everything, you might miss something important. Stop the madness; set strict parameters designating time to review your social media channels, and stick to them. You may miss something, but you will always find just what you need to find.
            • Respond meaningfully. If you want to make an impact in these channels, make sure your responses to others are thoughtful. Ask yourself; Is what I’m saying relevant? Will it resonate with my friends, fans and followers? If not, then why bother?
            • Retweet or share. One of the funny things about us humans is that we love to be recognized. In social media channels, recognition comes in the form of retweets, likes, comments and shares. When any of us publishes something, we want to be noticed. By taking notice and sharing what others have posted, we are giving them kudos. Keep in mind that who you recognize is also a reflection of you.
            • Make connections. We have a job to do. We have something to sell. We are keenly focused on our own goals and objectives in business. But when you enter social media channels, the focus needs to be on everyone you’re trying to reach. While some people will tolerate your broadcasts of news, articles and information - and a few may even welcome them - most people are using Twitter, Facebook, and other networks to make connections with people as well as discover useful information. Embrace those connections.
            • Remember, social media channels and tools merely provide us more ways we can connect - they aren’t leading us to entirely new and different things, but they are doing it in interesting, new ways.

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The Similarities which Exist in and Among Collecting and Using Big Data within Higher Education and Coporate Training Environments
June 10, 2016   |   Jody Hanson, Concordia University, Chicago

Quite often, higher education and corporate training are not very different in terms of their responsiveness to turn information (Big Data) gleaned from implied analytics. What are some conditions that exist which explain these phenomena?


Preparing Students for the Workforce with Video Presentations
May 11, 2016   |   Katie Herrick, Panopto, Inc.

From an early age, students are taught to write in order to demonstrate understanding, engage their imagination, and express their unique perspectives. At all grade levels and across academic disciplines, writing continues to be an essential element of learning and communicating.


Discussing Accessibility with the SLATE Group
March 20, 2013   |   Blackboard, Inc.

The March meeting of the SLATE Group was held this past week at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove IL. The topic, "Issues and Concerns of Accessibility to Technology in Teaching and Learning", was described by Ken Sadowski (Founder of the SLATE Group) as a constantly moving curve of importance that seems to once again be on the rise. I was invited to join this meeting to speak about Blackboard’s commitment to accessibility and the improvements made with in Blackboard Learn over the last twelve months.