SLATE Member Badge

SLATE Board Member Badge

SLATE Star Award Badge

SLATE Blackboard Badge
Introducing SLATE badges!

SLATE now has a badge to recognize the contributions of its members. There are badges for being a member, serving on the board, and receiving the SLATE Star Award. Look for more badges in the future, as well as integration with Mozilla's Open Badges Infrastructure.

What are badges?

Badges recognize informal learning and contributions to the community. You can earn badges from a variety of sources and display them in an electronic portfolio or through the Open Badges Backpack. Learn more at

How do I use the SLATE badges?

We are working on integrating the SLATE badges with the Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure so that you can display the SLATE badges in your Open Badges Backpack. In the meantime, right click on one of the images to save the .png file. You can include the badge in your resume, portfolio, website, or presentations. We encourage you to display the badge on your department or institution website, as well.