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Celebrating Ten Years

Ten years ago (2002) this past spring, Ken Sadowski approached me with the idea of formalizing a growing relationship he had with colleges and universities across the Midwest. Both of us were at the University of Chicago at that time and he suggested to me that the timing seemed to be right to start a Blackboard Users’ Group. His request of me was simple, could he commit a slice of his time toward this endeavor? With little hesitation, I said “yes.”

From its monthly meetings, retreats, events and conferences, SLATE has grown into a wonderful organization of practitioners, technologists, and thought leaders dedicated to advancing learning and teaching through the appropriate integration of enterprise learning technology – and yes, a bit of buzzwordiness is appropriate.

SLATE has always looked at the big picture of learning and teaching with technology. What coalesced within its membership over the last decade is thinking around supporting all students, all educators, and all learning. SLATE has steadily focused on the success of learning supported through technology, not if or when technology for learning will succeed. This optimism is a hallmark of the organization and one that it, its members, and participating institutions and organizations can be proud of.

I was a keynote speaker at the first SLATE conference and having had the chance to see SLATE grow and evolve over the last decade I can honestly say that SLATE is time well spent. Congratulations on 10 years, SLATE. May you continue to grow and transform learning and teaching through technology to the benefit of everyone.

Chad Kainz
Solutions Director, Blackboard Consulting
Former Senior Director - Academic Technologies, The University of Chicago
2003 Keynote

Congratulations SLATE

Congratulations to SLATE on this, your 10th year as an organization committed to supporting learning and technology in education!

Communication and collaboration is at the heart of any effort to support learning and technology and education and SLATE has been an exemplar as a community of practice in these areas. In growing from the eight institutions to now over 80 participating institutions over the last ten years, SLATE is living its mission. Your organization has been able to build partnerships amongst specialists in our profession that not only add value to us in our daily support roles, but also enables us to see what we can be like in the future.

Thank you to everyone involved and who supports SLATE for your commitment, contributions, and continued vision to our profession. 

Bruce Montes 
Director, Academic Technology Services, Loyola University Chicago
2011 Keynote


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